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Phra Phutthanirarokhantarai Chaiyawat Chaturathit, Buddha image, Phatthalung

Phra Phutthanirarokhantarai Chaiyawat Chaturathit or Phra Si Mum Mueang is the Buddha image of the South and an auspicious object … Read More

Ban Rong Hai Ancient Site, Phayao

Is a large ancient settlement by Kwan Phayao, while some of its remains are located underwater of Kwan Phayao. From … Read More

Namtok Phraiwan, Phatthalung

It is a waterfall located in the area of Ban Phut Ranger Station. Khao Banthai Wildlife Sanctuary, in Tambon Khlong … Read More

Khao Ok Thalu symbolic figure of Phatthalung

From Wat Khuha Sawan, follow Highway 4047 and Khao Ok Thalu or Mount Ok Thalu will be scon standing majestically … Read More

Kwan Phayao Artificial Lake, Phayao

Kwan means a large swamp or lake. It is also a local Lanna dialect used only in Phayao. Kwan Phayao … Read More

Hariphunchai National Museum Lamphun

Located almost opposite Wat Phrathat Hariphunchai on Inthayongyot Road, the museum’s exhibits include prehistoric human skeletons and art objects from … Read More

Uttaradit Provincial Cultural Hall

Once the official residence of the provincial governor, this late 19th century traditional wooden building houses important historical relics. A … Read More

Phaya Phichai Dap Hak Memorial, Uttaradit

This statue commemorates a governor who in 1772 valiantly fought the Burmese invaders until one of his swords broke in … Read More

Laplae Ancient Community, Uttaradit

An ancient community dating from the Ayutthaya period, Laplae is an attractive place to visit with old wooden houses, hand-woven … Read More

Mae Phun Waterfall, Uttaradit

Located at Ban Ton Klua, about 20 km from town, the waterfall features multi-level cascades amid pleasant natural surroundings.

Fa Mae Daeng Cave (Red Palm Cave)

Located south of Phu Wiang and about 4 kilometers from Hit Rong Village, the red hand palm print marks are … Read More

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