Trang Province

Yong Ling Beach

Located 828 km from Bangkok, the province of Trang is famous for its beautiful islands and white sandy beaches as well as plentiful coral reefs.

Trang has mellow islands that offer good-value accommodation and the chance to escape the peak-season crowds. Good snorkeling opportunities lie offshore and one of the island’s star attractions, Tham Morakot, hides at the northern end of the island. This cave is a beautiful limestone tunnel that leads 80 m to a sea lagoon.

Trang appears to be the next big destination. Unlike its big sister provinces of Pha-nga, Krabi or Phuket, Trang’s tourism is on a much lower level with little in the way of major development. That is not to say however, that Trang has little appeal, as it certainly does.

Thai: จังหวัดตรัง Neighboring Provinces: Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung and Satun, Southern Thailand

Things to do in Trang Province

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