Phitsanulok Province

Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat, Phitsanulok

A city in the lower part of Northern Thailand rich in historical, cultural and natural attractions, Phitsanulok is some 377 kilometres from Bangkok.

The province covers an area ol 10,815 square kilometres, featuring mountains, plains and forest in the cast and river basin. The Nan River, lifeline ol the province runs through the heart of the city Phitsanulok comprises 9 districts including Amphoe Mueang, Amphoe Wang Thong.

Amphoe Phroni Phirum, Amphoe Hang Kakam, Amphoe Rang Krathum, Amnhoe NakhonThai, Amphoe Wat, Bot, Amphoe Chat Trakan, and Amphoe Noeii Maprang.


Things to do in Phitsanulok Province

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