Chumphon Province

Tham Rap Ro Cave, Chumphon

Chumphon province is located in the most upper pan of the southern region. It is known as the gateway lo the southern border towns. Chumphon has been able to maintain plenty of natural resources for tourism which have been untouched by the tourists and unspoiled by the time.

Chumphon is an elongated province with 220 km of coastline offering many fine-sand beaches and attractive offshore islands. There are plenty of opportunities for sunbathing. swimming, yachting, paragliding, diving and snorkeling. The province is administratively divided into 8 Amphoes (districts): Mueang Chumphon, Lamae, Lang Suan, Pathto, Phato, Sawi, Tha Sae and Thung Tako.


Things to do in Chumphon Province

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