Hin Pad Standing Rock, Surat Thani

Rock Formations

Hin Tang or Hin Pad is a giant rock, with 1 meter width base and 6 meters high, located on a mountain in Moo.13, Yuan Sao village, Tha Khanon Subdistrict, Kirirat Nikom District, Surat Thani Province. This is a miraculous rock due to the fact that is very large which seems impossible to be on a little talus.

Hin Tang or Hin Pad (Rock or Fan-Shaped Rock)

This is a strange rock created by the nature. Some people think it looks like a fan, so it is called Hin Pad (fan-shaped rock). It is said that this rock was discovered by bushmen or gatherers. They came back to the village and told others that they found a miraculous rock, standing on a steep cliff in the middle of the forest, which looks like a fan or heart. After that, there were many tourists and villagers visited the surrounding area of Hin Pad.

A group of tourist from Phuket once remarked that Hin Pad looks like Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda in Myanmar. What tourists and local people said is that when you get there, you should gently rub Hin Pad and throw a coin into the hole of the base. In addition, you should pray and ask for anything such as a fulfill love life, successful career life, or smooth family life, and so on. It is said that those blessings would be successful.

Hin Pad Standing Rock, Surat Thani

Address: Tambon Tha Khanon, Amphoe Khiri Rat Nikhom, Chang Wat Surat Thani 84180
Driving Directions (Road Map): Surat Thani City to Hin Pad Standing Rock
Driving Directions (Road Map): Bangkok to Surat Thani

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