Mu Koh Surin Marine National Park located in Tamhon Ko Phra Thong amd covering an area ol S4..175 rais (33,730 acres). This in an archipelago of 5 Islands: Ko Surin Nuea, Ko Surin Tai, Ko Ri, Ko Khai and Ko Klang.

Mu Koh Surin Marine National Park in Southern Thailand, Andaman Sea

It was declared a national park on July 9, 1981. The archipelago is located in the Andaman Sea, near the Thai-Burmese sea border, to the west coast of Thailand. There are beautiful and unspoilt coral reefs; the area is suitable for snorkeling. The best lime to visit is from November to April.

Established: 1981 Tourist Attractions: Beaches, Islands
Province: Phang Nga Province, Southern Thailand

Things to do in Mu Koh Surin Marine National Park