The Killing Fields, Choeung Ek Execution Area

War SitesLocated 15 km from Phnom Penh, the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek have recently become a tourist attraction.

This is a site of mass graves and a stupa in remembrance to the people who died during the Pol Pot regime.

It is estimated that over 20,000 people were killed and buried at this site after having been tortured and murdered at the notorious Toul Sleng Prison.

Some of the remains of these people have been unearthed and have been put on display in the Stupa present at the site. The stupa was constructed to present evidence of the mass killings which occurred during the period and to help visitors remember the tragic and needless loss of life.

Choeung Ek is one of thousands of other such sites around the country where the Khmer Rouge practiced genocide during the late 1970’s. In recent times the site has been upgraded to give a more formal avenue of contact for tourists to the site.

The Killing Fields, Choeung Ek Execution Area