Dhammayangyi Temple, Ancient Bagan

Pagan EmpireDhammayangyi Pagoda is located 500 meters southeast of Shwesandaw. Built 3 years circa 1167 A.D by King Narathu, also known as the king killed by Indians, Dhammayangyi is famous for its massiveness across the vast flat lands of Old Bagan.

It is also the largest temple in the city. Burmese chronicles say that while the construction of the temple was in process, the king was murdered and it was never completed.

The temple is made from bricks, and very solid, not even a needle can go through in between interlocking bricks. Small open places near the top of the passage show intact stucco reliefs and paintings. It is similar in architecture to the popular Ananda Temple.

Dhammayangyi Temple, Ancient Bagan

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