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Minh Tam Flower Garden, Dalat, Vietnam

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Minh Tam Flower Garden, Tourist Attractions Places to visit in Dalat, Central Highlands Vietnam

Located at on Khe Sanh Street, Dalat city, Minh Tam flower garden has an area of 18 hectares with a lot of pine-trees surrounding.

This garden used to be a private villa. It was later transformed into a flower garden. The design of Minh Tam flower garden is well planned, giving it a unique appearance.

Vietnamese:Vườn Hoa Minh Tâm ở Đà Lạt
Address:20A Khe Sanh, P.10, Tp. Đà Lạt, Vietnam
City:Da Lat
Province:Lâm Đồng Province
Region:Central Highlands Vietnam
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Minh Tam Flower Garden, Dalat, Vietnam Location Map

Minh Tam Flower Garden

Minh Tam Flower Garden, Dalat, Central Highlands Vietnam

Minh Tam Flower Garden, Dalat, Central Highlands Vietnam

Minh Tam Flower Garden, Dalat, Central Highlands Vietnam

Minh Tam Flower Garden, Dalat, Vietnam
The most predominant flowers in the garden are mimosas, roses, and lilies.

Minh Tam flower garden, where visitors can admire the beauty of its mimosas, the symbolic flower of Da Lat. The main resort is a harmonious combination between hands the flowers of human and natural landscape as not to lose the romantic capital of Da Lat.

Minh Tam Flower Garden

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Driving Directions (Road Map): Dalat Market to Minh Tam Flower Garden

From Dalat Market (Cho Dalat, City center) to Minh Tam Flower Garden.

Driving Directions (Road Map): Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Dalat

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