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Erawan National Park Attractions

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Erawan National Park

Located about 65 km northwest of Kanchanaburi, Erawan National Park is situated in the Tenasserim Hills running along the Thai-Burmese border. It was designated on 1975 as Thailand’s 12th National Park, covers an area of 550 sq. km of high mountains and attractive valleys.

InformationErawan National Park
Admission Fees:Yes
Address:Mu 4, Tha Kradan Sub-district, Amphur Si Sawat, Kanchanaburi, Thailand 71250
Tourist Attractions:Waterfalls, Caves and Nature Trails
Major Attraction:Erawan Falls (seven-tiered falls)
Province:Kanchanaburi Province
Region:Western Thailand
See also:National Parks of Thailand
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Erawan National Park, Western Thailand Location Map

Tourist attractions and places of interest in Erawan National Park

The eastern mountains rise to 996 meters with shear limestone cliffs. Mixed species deciduous forests with occasional stands of bamboo characterize the park. More than 80 species of bird have been sighted, as well as gibbon, slow loris, macaque and rhesus monkey. The highlight of the park is undoubtedly the Erawan waterfall, a beautiful multi-level waterfall. Bungalow accommodations, camping facilities and a daytime food market are available.

The Erawan waterfall is the main attraction of the park. Its 7 levels fall drops 1,500 meters down steep-sided cliffs. It is surrounded by beautiful forest with many types of trees and orchids. There is a trail as far as the 6th level and from there visitors have to scramble up the cliff to reach the 7th level.

The climb is well worth the effort, for the sight of tumbling water, spraying off the boulders into the deep pool below. The uppermost fall is said to resemble Erawan (the three-headed elephant of Hindu mythology), which gives the whole waterfall its name.

Erawan Waterfall

Erawan Waterfall

From Kanchanaburi to Erawan Waterfall 1 h 14 min (69.1 km) by google maps.

Erawan Waterfall, Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi

Erawan Waterfall

This waterfall is 65 km. from Amphoe Mueang, situated on the Khwae Yai riverside. The water source is from Huat … Erawan Waterfall

Pra That Cave

Pra That Cave

From Kanchanaburi to Pra That Cave 1 h 19 min (76.8 km) by google maps.

Pra That Cave, Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi, Western Thailand

Pra That Cave

Located 75 km from Kanchanaburi and about 8 km beyond the Erawan Waterfall, Pra That Cave is a large mountain … Pra That Cave

Places to Visit in Thailand

Mee Cave

As the name indicated, Mee cave is rumored amongst local villagers to have been the home of a bear (Mee in Thai) … Mee Cave

Rua Cave, Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi, Western Thailand

Rua Cave

Rua cave where the main feature of the cave is ancient boat-shape water bowl carved out of a log, the head of the … Rua Cave

Visitor Center, Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi, Western Thailand

Visitor Center

Visitor Center with information and maps from the area, located near the entrance … Visitor Center

Climate in Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi, Western Thailand

Climate in Erawan National Park

There are lush mountains protect The Erawan National Park from the eastern monsoon resulting in a low average rainfall … Climate

National Parks in Kanchanaburi province, Western Thailand