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Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

AsiaSouth East AsiaThailandCentral ThailandKamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, Tourist Attractions, Places of Interest, Travel Guide, Central Thailand

The entrance to the Park is approximately 5 km. off Kamphaeng Phet town at Km. 360 on the left of the Kamphaeng Phet - Phran Kratai route. The Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park comprises ancient monuments built of different materials on Ihe east and west banks of the Ping River. 

The remains on the east bank where Kamphaeng Phet town is located were built from laterite and were of large scales while those on the west bank which belonged to Nakhon Chum town were built out of brick and were of smaller scales. However, there is a common artistic style that reflects a blend of contemporary Sukhothai and Ayutthaya arts. 

A number of ancient monuments can also be found in the outskirts 2 km. to the northwest of Kamphaeng Phet town in the so-called "Aranyik Area" where forest-dwelling monks stayed and practised meditation for their insight development. 

The Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, together with Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai Historical Park, were combincdly proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 12 December 1991.

InformationKamphaeng Phet Historical Park
Admission Fees:Yes
Popular Tourist Attractions:Wat Phra Kaeo
Province:Kamphaeng Phet Province
Region:Central Thailand
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Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park Location Map

Tourist attractions and places of interest in Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Wat Phra Si Ariyabot, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Wat Phra Si Ariyabot

Similar to Wat Phra Non, features a well and bathing place in front … Wat Phra Si Ariyabot

Wat Phra Khaew, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Wat Phra Khaew

Wat Phra Kaeo, located in the heart of Kamphaeng Phet town, the temple is part of the World Heritage … Wat Phra Khaew

Wat Singha, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Wat Singha

Is located some 100 m. to the north of Wat Phra Si Iriyabot It is assumed to have been constructed in the "Buddhavasa"… Wat Singha

Wat Awat Yai, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Wat Awat Yai

Contains a principal chedi in an octagonal shape with a wihan located on a raised platform … Wat Awat Yai

Wat Phra Non, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Wat Phra Non

Is surrounded by a rectangular laterite boundary wall, with a square well, bathing place … Wat Phra Non

Wat Chang Rob, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park Thailand

Wat Chang Rob

Was constructed on lop of a mound and features a Ceylonese bell-shaped chedi on a raised platform with a tumbled … Wat Chang Rob

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park Visitor Center

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park Visitor Center

Visitor Center