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Trang Tourist Attractions in Thailand

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Trang, Southern Thailand

Located 828 km from Bangkok, the province of Trang is famous for its beautiful islands and white sandy beaches as well as plentiful coral reefs.

InformationTrang Province
Neighboring Provinces:Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung and Satun
Region:Southern Thailand

Trang has mellow islands that offer good-value accommodation and the chance to escape the peak-season crowds. Good snorkeling opportunities lie offshore and one of the island's star attractions, Tham Morakot, hides at the northern end of the island. This cave is a beautiful limestone tunnel that leads 80 m to a sea lagoon.

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Hat Chao Mai National Park Peninsular Botanic Garden Thung Khai The Secret Beach in Koh Phangan Snorkeling in Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine National Park Mu Ang Thong National Marine Park

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Trang, Southern Thailand Location Map

Tourist attractions and places of interest in Trang, Thailand

Peninsular Botanic Garden Thung Khai


Trang appears to be the next big destination. Unlike its big sister provinces of Pha-nga, Krabi or Phuket, Trang’s tourism is on a much lower level with little in the way of major development. That is not to say however, that Trang has little appeal, as it certainly does.

Peninsular Botanical Garden (Thung Khai), Trang, Southern Thailand

Peninsular Botanical Garden (Thung Khai)

Peninsular Botanical Garden is located in Yan Ta Khao district, Trang Province … Peninsular Botanical Garden (Thung Khai)

Islands in Trang Province

Ko Laoliang, Trang, Southern Thailand

Ko Laoliang (Island)

Located 30 km off the coast of Trang Province, Ko Lao Liang is a massive twin rock island amidst the sea, … Ko Laoliang (island)

Koh Libong island, Trang, Southern Thailand

Koh Libong (Island)

Ko Libong is in Tambon Libong and is the largest island in the Trang Sea with an area of 40,000 square km … Koh Libong (island)

Koh Ngai (island), Trang, Southern Thailand

Koh Ngai (Island)

Ko Ngai or Ko Hai is an island that is actually in Amphoe Ko Lanta of Krabi but it is classified as a tourist destination … Koh Ngai (island)

Ko Sukorn (island), Trang, Southern Thailand

Ko Sukorn (Island)

Located in the southern Trang Province, Sukorn is a tiny island of 8 km long and 4 km wide. The island offers … Ko Sukorn (island)

Koh Kradan (island), Trang, Southern Thailand

Koh Kradan (Island)

Located in the southern Trang Province, in Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park famous as the most beautiful island in the park … Koh Kradan (island)

Koh Muk or Mook (island), Trang, Southern Thailand

Koh Muk or Mook (island)

Koh Muk is a large rocky island that is located in the Southern Andaman Coast … Koh Muk or Mook (island)

Ko Rok (island), Trang, Southern Thailand

Ko Rok (island)

Ko Rok (island)

Caves in Trang Province

Le Khao Kob Cave, Trang, Southern Thailand

Le Khao Kob Cave

Tham Le Khao Kop is in Mu 1, Tamhon Khao Kop, about 7 kilometres from the district office on Phetkasem Road, … Le Khao Kob Cave

Morakot Cave, Trang, Southern Thailand

Morakot Cave

Tham Morakot Cave, hides at the northern end of Ko Muk island, is the most outstanding attraction in the Trang … Morakot Cave

Hat Chao Mai National Park

Waterfalls in Trang Province

Lam Plok Waterfall, Trang, Southern Thailand

Lam Plok Waterfall

Namtok Lam Plok is a large 6-level waterfall. From here, one can see islands and the view of the mouth of the … Lam Plok Waterfall

Ton Te Waterfall, Trang, Southern Thailand

Ton Te Waterfall

Namtok Ton Te is 45 kilometres from the city. Go on the Trang-Phatthalung road for about 17 kilometres … Ton Te Waterfall

Ton Tok Waterfall, Trang, Southern Thailand

Ton Tok Waterfall

Namtok Ton Tok is 1 kilometre from Ton Te Waterfall along a walking trail. Streams flow through rocks large and … Ton Tok Waterfall

Prai Sawan Waterfall, Trang, Southern Thailand

Prai Sawan Waterfall

Located in Trang Province, Phrai Sawan is a medium-sized waterfall with 17 sub-levels, an ideal for relaxation … Prai Sawan Waterfall

Aquarium in Trang Province

Rajamangala Aquarium Trang, Southern Thailand

Rajamangala Aquarium

Rajamangala Aquarium

Marine National Parks in Trang Province

Hat Chao Mai National Park, Travel Guide Trang, Southern Thailand

Hat Chao Mai National Park

Hat Chao Mai National Park

Beaches in Trang Province

Ratchamongkon Beach, Trang, Southern Thailand

Ratchamongkon Beach

Ratchamongkon Beach

Samran Beach, Trang, Southern Thailand

Samran Beach

Samran Beach

Hot Spring in Trang Province

Kuan Kaeng Natural Hot Spring, Trang, Southern Thailand

Kuan Kaeng Natural Hot Spring

Kuan Kaeng Natural Hot Spring

Trang City

Trang City, Southern Thailand

Trang City

Trang City

The Clock Tower Trang, Southern Thailand

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower

Weather in Trang Province

Weather in Trang, Thailand

Weather in Trang

Humidity, Wind, Visibility, Pressure, Weather this week, Current Weather, Maximum Temperature … Check the Weather in Trang

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