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Tak Tourist Attractions in Western Thailand

AsiaSouth East AsiaWestern Thailand

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, Ratchaburi, Thailand

Tak is a province in the lower North of Thailand. Its former name was “Mueang Rahaeng”. In the past, Mon (the Burmese people) lived here; evidence of Mon arts still remains.

The Mon town was originally located at Amphoe Ban Tak. It was established before the Sukhothai period. The town was an important gateway to the west during the Sukhothai period.

InformationTak Province
Neighboring Provinces:Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, Sukhothai, Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan, Uthai Thani and Kanchanaburi
Region:Western Thailand
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Tak Location Map

Tourist attractions and places of interest in Tak, Thailand

Lan Sang National Park

Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Tak, Western Thailand

Thi Lo Su Waterfall

The word Ti Lo Su in Karen language means a black waterfall. It is located in the Umphang Wildlife … Thi Lo Su Waterfall

Doi Hua Mot, Tak, Western Thailand

Doi Hua Mot

Is located in Umphang village, featuring a stretch of limestone mountains of 30 km long and 2 km wide. There are no … Doi Hua Mot

Thi Lo Cho Waterfall, Tak, Western Thailand

Thi Lo Cho Waterfall

Located 3 km from Amphoe Umphang, Thi Lo Cho or Saifon is an 80 meter high medium-sized waterfall, Its first … Thi Lo Cho Waterfall

Taksin Maharat National Park, Tak, Western Thailand

Taksin Maharat National Park

Covering an area of 264 square kilometers (165,250 rai), King Taksin the Great National Park … Taksin Maharat National Park

Takhobi Cave, Tak, Western Thailand

Takhobi Cave

Takhobi caves is located in Ban Mae Klong Mai. It is an enormous cave beautifully and naturally decorated with … Takhobi Cave

Lan Sang National Park, Tak, Western Thailand

Lan Sang National Park

This national park is located in Han Lan Sang, Tambon Mae Tho, around 20 km away from Tak town. Being … Lan Sang National Park

Bantak Petrified Forest Park

Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge, Tak, Western Thailand

Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge

The bridge was constructed in 1982 A.D. in celebration of the Bangkok Bicentennial. It is a suspension … Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge

Bantak Petrified Forest Park, Tak, Western Thailand

Bantak Petrified Forest Park

Petrified wood is classified as a fossil type - a natural Phenomenon which occurs when a dead tree … Bantak Petrified Forest Park

Lotus Chaped Chedi, Tak, Western Thailand

Lotus Chaped Chedi

Sukhothai art from the late 4th century to the 16th century A.D. Prince Damrong surmised on his visit to the … Lotus Chaped Chedi

Wat Bot Mani Si Bunrueang, Tak, Western Thailand

Wat Bot Mani Si Bunrueang

Originally, two temples sharing the same wall; Wat Bot Mani Rat and Wat Si Bunrueang, were established … Wat Bot Mani Si Bunrueang

Bhumibol (Yanhi) Dam, Tak, Western Thailand

Bhumibol (Yanhi) Dam

Bhumibol (Yanhi) Dam

Wat Phra Boromthat and Ancient Tak City, Tak, Western Thailand

Wat Phra Boromthat and Ancient Tak City

Wat Phra Boromthat and Ancient Tak City

Ton Krabak Yai and Taksin Maharat National Park

Sam Ngao Cliff, Tak, Western Thailand

Sam Ngao Cliff

Sam Ngao Cliff

Shrine of King Taksin the Great, Tak, Western Thailand

Shrine of King Taksin the Great

Shrine of King Taksin the Great

Wat Manee Banpot Worawihan, Tak, Western Thailand

Wat Manee Banpot Worawihan

Wat Manee Banpot Worawihan

Maeping Park, Tak, Western Thailand

Maeping Park

Maeping Park

Thai – Myanmar Friendship Bridge, Tak, Western Thailand

Thai – Myanmar Friendship Bridge

The bridge is located in Tampbon Tha Sai Luat, across the Moei River … Thai – Myanmar Friendship Bridge

Wat Nong Luang, Tak, Western Thailand

Wat Nong Luang

Weather in Tak, Thailand

Weather in Tak

Humidity, Wind, Visibility, Pressure, Weather this week, Current Weather, Maximum Temperature … Check the Weather in Tak

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