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Temples to Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in Bagan

  1. Shwesandaw Pagoda
  2. Thitsarwadi Temple
  3. Oak Kyaung Gyi Monastery
  4. Ta Wet Hpaya
  5. Law Ka Ou Shaung Temple

Popular Temples in Bagan

  1. Dhammayangyi Temple
  2. Sulamani Temple
  3. Shwesandaw Pagoda
  4. AnandaTemple
  5. Sein Nyet Sister Temples
  6. Thatbyinnyu Temple
  7. Shwezigon Pagoda
  8. Manuha Temple
  9. Gawdawpalin Temple
  10. Nat Taung Kyaung Monastery
  11. Shinbinthalyaung Temple

Bagan, Pagan Attractions, Temples and Pagodas, Burma (Myanmar)

AsiaSouth East AsiaBurma (Myanmar)

Bagan, Pagan Attractions, Temples and Pagodas, Burma (Myanmar)

Founded in 849 on the dusty banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River, Bagan sprawls across central Myanmar. Bagan is known as one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Asia.

It consists of an impressive number of pagodas, stupas and temples. Bagan is memorable for its tranquillity and mystical significance lying close to Mt. Popa, an important place for Nat worshipping.

Dial codes (Tel):(+95 61)
Time zone:(UTC +6:30)
State/Region:Mandalay Region
Country:Myanmar (Burma)
Bagan and Southeast Asia Travel Videos

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Bagan, Pagan, Burma (Myanmar) Location Map

Tourist attractions, places of interest in Bagan, Pagan, Burma (Myanmar), Things to Do in Bagan, Pagan, Places to visit, history, culture, nature

Ananda Temple, Ancient Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar (Burma)

Ananda Temple, One of Bagan's most beautiful temples

The Ananda Temple is one of the 11 biggest temple structures in Burma (Myanmar), located just outside of the old … Ananda Temple

Thatbyinnyu Temple, Ancient Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar (Burma)

Thatbyinnyu Temple built by King Alaung Sithu

Thatbyinnyu Temple is the tallest ancient structure in Bagan, built by King Alaungsithu … Thatbyinnyu Temple, Ancient Bagan

Bagan Archaeological Museum, Ancient Bagan (Pagan)

Bagan Archaeological Museum

The Bagan Archaeological Museum is situated on the south of Gawdaw Palin Pagoda, in the Old Bagan … Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda

Dhammayangyi Temple, Ancient Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar (Burma)

Dhammayangyi Temple the largest of all the temples in Bagan

Dhammayangyi Pagoda is located 500 meters southeast of Shwesandaw. Built 3 years circa 1167 … Dhammayangyi Temple

Mount Popa, Ancient Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar (Burma)

Mount Popa and Popa Taungkalat Monastery

Mount Popa is a volcano located 50 km southeast of Bagan in central Burma, stretch 1518 meters … Mount Popa, Ancient Bagan

Popa Taung Kalat, Myanmar in 4K

Shwezigon Pagoda, Ancient Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar (Burma)

Shwezigon Pagoda in Nyaung-U, a town near Bagan

The Shwezigon Pagoda or Shwezigon Paya is a Buddhist temple located between the villages of Wetkyi-in and … Shwezigon Pagoda

Sulamani Temple, Ancient Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar (Burma)

Sulamani Temple in the village of Minnanthu

The Sulamini Temple is located in the village of Minnanthu, southwest of Bagan. It was bulit in 1174 … Sulamani Temple, Bagan

Nyaung U Market in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Nyaung U Market in Bagan

Located in Nyaung U Town, a few kilometers northeast from Bagan, you can find here flowers, fruits, fishes, textiles and vegetables … Nyaung U Market in Bagan

Htilominlo Temple, Ancient Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar (Burma)

Htilominlo Temple built during the reign of King Htilominlo

Htilominlo Temple is located 1.5 km from Bagan old town. This is one of … Htilominlo Temple, Ancient Bagan

Shwegugyi Temple, Ancient Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar (Burma)

Shwegugyi Temple built by King Alaungsithu

Shwegugyi Temple is a Buddhist temple constructed during the reign of King Alaungsithu in 1131. … Shwegugyi Temple, Bagan

Temples of Ancient Bagan, Myanmar in 4K

Gawdawpalin Temple, Yangon (Rangoon) the former capital of Burma (Myanmar)

Gawdawpalin Temple the second tallest temple

Gawdawpalin Temple in Bagan is a Buddhist temple begun in the 12th century during the reign … Gawdawpalin Temple

Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda, Yangon (Rangoon) the former capital of Burma (Myanmar)

Bu a notable pagoda

The Bupaya Pagoda in Bagan is a notable pagoda, situated on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River. … Bu Pagoda, Ancient Bagan

Dhammayazika Pagoda

Dhammayazika Pagoda in the village of Pwasaw

Dhammayazika Pagoda built in 1196 A.D. during the reign of King Narapatisithu located east of Bagan with terra cotta tiles …

Gubyaukgyi Temple

Gubyaukgyi Temple was built in 1113 by Rajakumar

Gubyaukgyi a Buddhist temple built in 1113 AD near Wetkyi-in village North East of old Bagan, has a unique shape …

Tharabar Gate

Tharabar Gate

Tharabar Gate in Old Bagan is the main gate of the east wall was built in 849 A.D. the only surviving gate of the ancient city …

Balloon Flight Over Bagan, Myanmar in 4K

Manuha Temple

Manuha Temple one of the oldest temples of Bagan

Manuha Temple a rectangular building of two storeys one of the oldest temples of Bagan contains three images of seated Buddhas …

Mingalarzedi Pagoda

Mingalazedi Pagoda a Buddhist stupa

Mingalarzedi Pagoda was built in 1284 A.D, also known as Mingalar Zed, located a short distance to the south of Bagan …

Myazedi Pagoda

Myazedi Pagoda between Myinkaba and Bagan

Myazedi Pagoda (Jade Pagoda) was built in the 12th century, located in Chauk road between Myinkaba and Bagan …

Lawkananda Pagoda

Lawkananda Pagoda a Buddhist Chedi

Lawkananda Pagoda was built during the reign of King Anawrahta in 1059 was erected on the bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River …

Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple, Great Awakening Temple

Mahabodhi Temple was built in the mid-13th century, a monument build in a unique style, a replica of the temple of the same name at Bodhagaya in India …

The Temples Of Bagan

Nanpaya Temple

Nanpaya Temple, a Hindu temple

Nanpaya Temple was built in the 11th Century, located just behind the Manuha Pagoda, in Myinkaba village south of Bagan, it is a Hindu temple …

Hnget Pyit Taung Temple

Hnget Pyit Taung Temple

Hnget Pyit Taung a Buddhist Temple located in Nyaungu Nyaung-U, on the road to Mount Popa, built around the 11th Century …

Shwesandaw Pagoda

Shwesandaw Pagoda graceful circular pagoda

It is one of the taller pagodas in Bagan, Shwesandaw Pagoda was built by King Anawrahta during the late 11th Century …

Leimyethna Temple

Leimyethna Temple

The Temple of the Four Faces or Four sides, located in the Minnanthu village on the South Bagan …

Nagayon Temple

Nagayon Temple an elegant structure

Nagayon Temple was built by Kyanzittha one of the most famous Bagan Kings, there is a main Buddha image inside the temple, mural paintings, two smaller standing Buddhas …

Ahlodawpyae Pagoda

Ahlodawpyae Pagoda between the new Bagan and the village of Bagan

Wall paintings are interesting in Ahlodawpyae Pagoda, Buddha Images paintings and ink inscriptions, situated in between the village of Bagan and new Bagan …

Abeyadana Temple

Abeyadana Temple a 12th century Buddhist temple

Abeyadana Temple was built during 11th-12th century, has a large central temple, located at the north of the palace of Kyanzittha, the king of Pagan dynasty of Burma …

Pahtothamya Temple

Pahtothamya Temple located to the west of Thatbyinnyu

Pahtothamya is a small temple located to the west of Thatbyinnyu Temple, it is one of five temples built by the non-historical King Taungthugyi …

Pyathetgyi Pagoda

Pyathetgyi Pagoda

Pyathetgyi Pagoda is very large with an amazing Buddha image inside the temple, was built in the first half of the 13th century, an interesting attraction in Bagan …

Thambulla Temple

Thambulla Temple

Thambulla Temple was builted from the wife of Uzana, the king of Pagan dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1251 to 1256 …

Weather in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Weather in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Humidity, Wind, Visibility, Pressure, Weather this week, Current Weather, Maximum Temperature … Check the Weather in Bagan

Things to do in Bagan

Cycling one of the best way to experience Bagan

Cycling Around the Temples of Bagan

See more temples and attractions in less time in Bagan, the area is pretty flat and it is the cheapest way to get around, you can hire an electric bike …

The Breathtaking Bagan Sunset Experience

Sunset Over the Temples, Breathtaking Bagan Sunset Experience

Watching the sunset from atop a temple is an amazing experience, as you can take great photos, the temples are best seen during the sunset …

Bagan Horse-Drawn Carriage

Bagan by Horse-Drawn Carriage

Horse-Drawn Carriage are a popular mode of transportation for tourists visiting the temple sites, most relaxing, classic way to tour the temples …

Bagan Balloon Ride

Bagan Balloon Ride, Balloons over Bagan

Riding a hot air balloon is a unique experience to flying over Bagan area, a panoramic view of the 3000 pagodas, most visually spectacular spots in the country …

Bagan, Balloons over Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan Mandalay Cruise, Bagan Boat Trips

Bagan Mandalay Cruise, Bagan Boat Trips

Travelling from Bagan to Mandalay by boat on the Irrawaddy River, one of the best journeys you can make through the country, very popular among international visitors …

Bagan Artistic Lacquerware Workshop

Bagan Artistic Lacquerware Workshop

Workshop is another one reason to visit Myanmar, Bagan is the major centre for the lacquerware industry, school of lacquerware was founded here in the 1920s …

Visit Nyang Oo market, Cook several Burmese favourites

Visit Nyang Oo market, Cook several Burmese favourites

That Magical Bagan Sunrise

That Magical Bagan Sunrise

Bagan is one of the best place to shoot sunrise for the most of photographers, it is a great experience to watching the sunrise as it is a unique place on earth …

Exploring 1000-year-old Temples in Bagan

Exploring 1000-year-old Temples in Bagan

An amazing experience, there are over 2200 temples, stupas, magnificent Buddha images and pagodas to explore with many ways …

Bagan Sunrise - Myanmar

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