Interview with Timothy Tye
  • What are for you the best places in Malaysia to visit ?

I have not visited as much of Malaysia as I would want to. I still haven’t been to most places in East Malaysia(part of the reason for me is that the cost of traveling there makes it more interesting to go to a different country instead).

If I were a visitor from outside Malaysia, and based strictly on places I have personally visited, I would recommend Penang, my hometown, as one of the best places to visit, because it has everything. Whether you are looking for history and culture, or shopping, or the beaches, or the hills, it’s all in Penang.

Other destinations are more specific. I would recommend Malacca if you are interested in the history of Malaysia, Langkawi for its beach resorts, Redang or Perhentian islands for snorkeling, Cameron Highlands for its cool highland climate. Those are my pick of the best places to visit in Peninsular Malaysia. I have been to Kuching in East Malaysia also, and yes, it is certainly worth a visit as well.

  • What is the best things to in Malaysia ?

Things to do including exploring its sightseeing, taking photographs, shopping or simply relaxing on the beach.

  • Some nice beaches and islands to visit ?

Both Penang and Langkawi are island destination. Langkawi has better beaches than Penang. For even more pristine beaches, head for Redang and Perhentian Islands.

  • About Nature and National Parks, do you have to suggest some of them ?

I would suggest the biggest and oldest national park in Peninsular Malaysia, which is Taman Negara. Penang itself has a small national park, the Penang National Park, which is also worth a visit for nature lovers.

  • What is the different between Malaysia peninsula and Malaysian Borneo ?

Although East Malaysia on the island of Borneo is larger than Peninsular Malaysia, it is much less developed. Having said that, its main cities such as Kuching and Kota Kinabalu is as developed as any city in Peninsular Malaysia. It is much easier to travel within Peninsular Malaysia, as the cities are closer together, and are well connected with highways and expressways.

  • Tell us more about the culture of your country.

Being a multi-racial country, Malaysia is a mixing pot of many cultures. And even within each race, there could be several different cultures. As you travel through Malaysia, you will find that the people speak different dialects in different cities.

Even the Chinese speak a different Chinese language. For example, in Kuala Lumpur they speak Cantonese, but in Penang, Hokkien is spoken. One has to spend enough time in Malaysia to appreciate all its subtle differences.

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