Mae Hong Son Province

Lying to the west of Chiang Mai and bordering Myanmar on its eastern flank, Mae Hong Son province covers an area of 12,681 square kilometers of breathtaking mountains traversed by hidden valleys, each one a contender for Shangri-la.

With stunning landscapes, waterfalls, caves and hill tribe villages it is a dream location for trekking, soft adventure travel and for those who love wild hill country and seek the thrill of sweeping valley vistas. Because of the terrain, Mae Hong Son is one of Thailand’s most remote provinces and thus retains its own separate identity.

At the same time, the provincial capital is readily accessible by air and road. Nestled in its own lovely valley and surrounded by hills that are often shrouded in early morning mist, this small town is one of the most enchanting places in the entire North.

Burmese-style temples, a picturesque lake, a hilltop vantage point and a bustling morning market afford scope for leisurely sights-seeing, while a choice of hotels makes it an excellent base for excursions into the surrounding countryside.

Things to do in Mae Hong Son Province

Ban Rong Hai Ancient Site, Phayao

Is a large ancient settlement by Kwan Phayao, while some of its remains are located underwater of Kwan Phayao. From the evidence of the sandstone Buddha images and fragments of…

Namtok Phraiwan, Phatthalung

It is a waterfall located in the area of Ban Phut Ranger Station. Khao Banthai Wildlife Sanctuary, in Tambon Khlong Chaloem. This large-scale waterfall is tranquil and full of shady…

Kwan Phayao Artificial Lake, Phayao

Kwan means a large swamp or lake. It is also a local Lanna dialect used only in Phayao. Kwan Phayao is a large swamp in a nearly-half-circlc-moon shape, whose northeastern…

Hariphunchai National Museum Lamphun

Located almost opposite Wat Phrathat Hariphunchai on Inthayongyot Road, the museum’s exhibits include prehistoric human skeletons and art objects from the Dvaravati, Hariphunchai, Lanna and Rattanakosin periods.

Uttaradit Provincial Cultural Hall

Once the official residence of the provincial governor, this late 19th century traditional wooden building houses important historical relics. A major item is the Yan Mat, a carved wooden carrying…

Phaya Phichai Dap Hak Memorial, Uttaradit

This statue commemorates a governor who in 1772 valiantly fought the Burmese invaders until one of his swords broke in two. Still he prevailed over them, and is remembered as…

Laplae Ancient Community, Uttaradit

An ancient community dating from the Ayutthaya period, Laplae is an attractive place to visit with old wooden houses, hand-woven textiles and other craft specialties. It is also a major…

Mae Phun Waterfall, Uttaradit

Located at Ban Ton Klua, about 20 km from town, the waterfall features multi-level cascades amid pleasant natural surroundings.

Fa Mae Daeng Cave (Red Palm Cave)

Phraya Nakhon Cave

Located south of Phu Wiang and about 4 kilometers from Hit Rong Village, the red hand palm print marks are found on sandstone folds, 7 meters deep, 3 meters high…

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