Khao Luang Cave, Phetchaburi

Caves and CavernsTham Khao Luang (Khao Luang Cave) is found about 5 km outside of Phetchaburi town and is well worth a visit.

This is a very impressive large limestone cave houses many Buddha statues. It’s not dark or too damp inside. At the foot of Khao Luang Hill a large monastery locally known as Wat Tham Klaep is located.

It is regarded as one of Thailand’s most important cave due to the fact that it houses a Buddha image cast under the royal command of King Rama V as a dedication to King Rama IV. The skylight above the cave also lets the sun light shine through and beautifully illuminates the central Buddha figure.

Khao Luang Cave, PhetchaburiKhao Luang Cave, Phetchaburi

Address: Thongchai, Mueang Phetchaburi District, Phetchaburi 76000
Driving Directions (Road Map): Hua Hin to Khao Luang Cave
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