Phu Chong–Na Yoi National Park

This 687 square kilometre park is where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia meet. The superb view of the three countries can be seen from the Pha Pheung cliff where visitors can take hiking trails leading to the high plateau. Interesting attractions include; the 40 metre Bak Tew Yai waterfall, about 4 kilometres from the park office; the rock formations at Phlan Yew and springs in the forest at Bo Nam Sap.
Established: 1987 Tourist Attractions: Waterfalls, Viewpoints, rock terrace, cliff
Major Attraction: Huai Luang Waterfall Province: Ubon Ratchathani Province, Northeastern Thailand (Isan)

Things to do in Phu Chong–Na Yoi National Park

Huai Luang Waterfall

Huai Luang Waterfall, also known as Bak Tew Waterfall, is a 40 meter waterfall in Phu Jong Na Yoi National Park of Southern Ubon. Bak Tew is Khmer for “Beautiful…