The National Park can also be reached by taking the bus to Saraburi town, and then renting a van or a local truck to the park. The park offers camping sites for eighty persons (visitors must bring sleeping bags by themselves). For visitors who bring their own tents, the park accommodates campsites.

Namtok Sam Lan National ParkCovers 4 districts: Muaeng, Kaeng Khoi, Nong Khae and Wihan Daeng and occupies an area of 44 square kilometers.

It was declared a national park on June 2, 1981. October to January (winter season in Thailand) is the best time to visit. Located 16 kilometers south of the town along the Bangkok-Saraburi route Highway no. 1 (Mittraphap road), it is accessible by routes along km 102 or km 104.

Tourist Attractions: Waterfalls, Reservoirs, Viewpoints Province: Saraburi Province, Central Thailand

Things to do in Namtok Sam Lan National Park

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