The forest, which will declare to be Khao Kho National Park, used to be Namtok Than Thipl Forest Park. It was established on May 1, 1995 with about 14 in the border of Pa Khao Plok Lon National Reserved Forest. 

Khao Kho Mountain

From consider of Director of Natural Resources Conservation Office on February 15, 2000 (a seminar that meeting of the head of Forest park) assigned the head of forest park to survey around the area by Mr. Cholathron Chamnankit a forest technicial officer, National Park Division is a primary data surveyor.

Khao Kho National Park has high bio-diversity, species and wildlife, beautiful natural tourism places such as the waterfall, caves, isles, islet, cliffs, scenery viewpoint and historical fighting monument encountered between the government and the communist terrorists, which had taken along time before tranquilized.


Things to do in Khao Kho National Park

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