Is Thailand’s highest mountain 2,599 meters above sea level. Doi Ithanon is a part of the Himalayas which ranges across Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and ends at Northern Thailand. Complex mountain ranges and a mild climate characterise an area with a moist and dense summit forest.

Doi Inthanon is very interesting for ornithologists. Summit forest is the source of important tributaries of the Mac Ping River. Meo and Karen hilltribes inhabit the park. Visiting Doi Inthanon is possible throughout the year.

The best period for viewing waterfalls is May through November. The best period for viewing wild flowers is December through February. The best period for ornithologists is November through March.


Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติดอยอินทนนท์ Established: 1972
Tourist Attractions: Mountains, Waterfalls, Nature Trails, Birdwatching, Viewpoints, Karen and Meo Hmong Villages
Famous as: The roof of Thailand (the country’s highest mountain) Province: Chiang Mai Province. Northern Thailand

Things to do in Doi Inthanon National Park

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