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the Hidden Charm
Vietnam has become popular in recent years, a country thousands of years old in Southeast Asia.
Kingdom of Wonder
The Khmer Empire and the temple of Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world.
the Land of Smiles
Known as the Land of Smiles with exotic and tropical beaches and islands, natural wonders and waterfalls, delicious food.
land of thousand elephants
A mountainous country in Southeast Asia.
Burma Golden Land
Thousands of temples, often called “The Land of Pagodas", beautiful countryside and culture.
Hong Kong
Asia's World City

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Cambodia, a country in Southeast Asia in the southern part of Indochina, covers an area of 181,035 square kilometers and has a population of 13.124764 million (2003 est.).

The country's shape is an almost-square polygon, with Kampong Thom province as it central point. The country extends 440 kilometers from north to south and 560 kilometers from west to east.

This shape makes Cambodian easy for tourists to navigate and poses no difficulties for the development of tourism. Among the 10 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Cambodia ranks eighth in land size and seventh in population.

Capital and largest city:Phnom Penh
Time Zone:(UTC+7)
Calling Code:+855
Languages:The official language is Khmer

Its geographical location makes Cambodia an easily accessible ecotourism destination for travelers in neighboring counties and other parts of the world. The country is situated geographically between 10th and 15th latitudes north and the 102nd and 108th longitudes east.

Highest Point:Phnom Aural 1,771 metres
Administrative divisions:24 provinces and the special administrative unit Phnom Penh
Ethnic Groups:Khmer 97.6%, Cham, Chinese, Vietnamese
Religions:Buddhist 96.9%, Muslim, Christian and other
Border with:Laos, Thailand and Vietnam

The country has a tropical climate-warm and humid. In the monsoon season, abundant rain allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops. This year-round tropical climate makes Cambodia ideal for developing tourism. Travelers need not fear natural disasters such as erupting volcanoes or earthquakes, and the country is not directly affected by tropical storms.

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Destinations in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, capital city of Cambodia

Phnom Penh is the only one Capital of Cambodia. It is burgeoning year after year. Comparing to over last five years … Phnom Penh Capital City

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Angkor Wat, a World Heritage, is simply unique, a stunning blend of spirituality and symmetry, an enduring example … Angkor Wat Temples

Siem Reap

The resort town of Siem Reap, gateway to incredible Angkor Wat

Located in northwest Cambodia between rice paddies and stretched along the Siem Reap River … Siem Reap the gateway to the ruins of Angkor

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Sihanoukville a coastal city in Cambodia

The big attractions around here are the four beaches ringing the headland. None of them qualify as the region’s … Sihanoukville white sand beaches

Battambang attractions

Battambang, Cambodia's second-largest city

Cambodia's second-largest city, a popular tourist destination and the capital city of Battambang province, located in north western Cambodia …

The old french hotel in Bokor

Bokor Hill Station, the old french hotel in Bokor

A collection of French colonial buildings, ruins atop the cliffs at Bokor Mountain and Bokor National Park, was built as a resort by colonial French settlers …

Provinces of Cambodia

Provinces of Cambodia

Provinces of Cambodia, geography and location, list of areas in Cambodia … Provinces of Cambodia

Districts and district-level towns in Cambodia

Districts and district-level Towns in Cambodia

Districts and district-level towns in Cambodia, map and distance, the Cambodiaese names … Districts and district-level Towns in Cambodia

Urban Exploration - Bokor Hill Station

Koh Ker Archaeological Site

Koh Ker Archaeological Site

It was the Capital of the Khmer Empire, Cambodia's second largest temple town located about 120 kilometres northeast of Siem Reap and Angkor Wat …

Mondulkiri Exploring Cambodia's Wild East

Mondulkiri, Exploring Cambodia's Wild East

The province is known for its forested hills and amazing waterfalls, ecotourism tours, wild landscape and animals such as leopards, bears and elephants …

Preah Vihear Temple

Preah Vihear Temple

Built during the period of the Khmer Empire, it is an ancient Hindu temple, situated atop a 525-metre on the edge of a plateau that dominates the plain of Cambodia …

Cambodia Golf Courses, Golf Clubs

Cambodia Golf Courses, Golf Clubs

18 hole Golf Courses and Clubhouse, Golf facilities, Golf Course Design, photo galleries … Golf Courses

A River Changes Course Official Trailer

Top 5 Cambodia Movies

The Killing Fields (1984)

The Killing Fields (1984)

A 1984 British drama film about the Khmer Rouge …

Holly (2006)

Holly (2006)

A drama film about a 12 year old Vietnamese girl, an American dealer in stolen artefacts living in Cambodia who tries to save her from child traffickers …

S21: The Khmer Rouge Death Machine (2003)

S21: The Khmer Rouge Death Machine (2003)

Documentary of the S-21 genocide prison in Phnom Penh, directed by a survivor of the genocide, with interviews of prisoners and guards …

Enemies of the People (2009)

Enemies of the People (2009)

A 2009 British and Cambodian documentary film into the heart of the Killing Fields …

A River Changes Course (2013)

A River Changes Course (2013)

Ways of life in rural Cambodia, a documentary about Cambodia from Kalyanee Mam, three young Cambodians struggling to maintain their traditional way of life …

Bamboo Railway - Cambodia